A Career at Pearson

Pearson Canada is Canada’s leading learning services provider. If you want a career that offers opportunities in all aspects of learning services — editorial, production, sales, marketing, human resources, information services, finance — then Pearson is the place for you. Your career can grow at one of our offices in the Toronto area in Ontario or in Montréal, Québec. If your passion is sales then opportunities exist across Canada. You can be proud to be part of a respected industry where learning, opinions, openness, and creativity are valued.

We can think of many reasons to get excited about the opportunities at Pearson. Here are just a few:

  • We are the proven market-leaders in our fields — we lead the way in quality, innovation, and profitability and we want our people to share in our success.
  • We aim to be the best company to work for in the world — it’s part of our philosophy to provide benefits, an employee stock purchase plan, development opportunities, and a culture that embodies One Pearson.
  • We treat our people as individuals — we value them for what they bring to the organization and we try to be flexible in meeting their needs.
  • The work we do makes a difference — our team enjoys knowing that the organization helps people to “live and learn” and we are committed to making that process as enjoyable and as valuable as we can.

If this sounds good to you then browse around our careers site and see what positions are available at our Canadian job postings.

Our Culture

Our products, customers, and technologies are changing fast, but some things in Pearson stay the same. In everything we do, we aspire to be brave, decent, imaginative and accountable.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do and these define the culture of our organization and underpin the way we do business.

  • Brave

    Bravery means we work with impartiality, accuracy, and integrity. It also means moving courageously forward with the confidence of a world leader and the vision of a start-up that is re-inventing education around the globe. Bravery means driving change, transforming learning, and hiring bold thinkers and standout innovators who motivate each other to explore new frontiers.

  • Decent

    We are committed to supplying the highest possible quality of product and service to our customers; supporting charitable endeavours that advance literacy, learning, and teaching; and offering careers that meet our employees desire to grow with us. We are responsible stewards of our environment and our finances, and maintain a steady, pragmatic approach to the constant change our growth is creating.

  • Imaginative

    Even though we are a company dedicated to facts and knowledge, it’s our imagination that drives us forward. Our company is growing and transforming in new and exciting ways because of a vision to enhance the learning movement across the globe. This is a pivotal time for new ideas that disrupt the status quo and take us through a time of change to an unprecedented future together.

  • Accountable

    We drive results by owning the solution, getting the right people involved and delivering on promises.

What We Look For

We are passionate about our mission to help others reach their full potential through learning and education.

Individuals who succeed here will show a high degree of personal initiative, with the ability to commit to our goals and take ownership of their work. Our employees are motivated by change, excited about possibility, and true to our culture of bravery, decency, and imagination.

Guiding Principles of Pearson People

  • We’re in the information business, so we expect our colleagues to be forward-looking and creative in their thinking. We also assume that they will have a genuine passion for our business.

  • We’re judged on the quality of the products we create and the services we provide. Whether teaching and learning materials, newspapers, websites, or consumer books, the words and visuals should be clearly and succinctly expressed. A talent for communication is something we look for when we’re recruiting.

  • We like people who enjoy learning, always.

  • We expect individuals to flourish in teams, as well as on their own.

  • We encourage our people to develop their careers by moving around the businesses and regions in which we operate.

Pearson People Are Leaders

  • We have the confidence to Lead Ourselves by staying curious and always learning; being courageous in moving outside our comfort zone; maintaining ethical behavior at all times; and staying determined to achieve our goals and ambitions.

  • We have the ability to Lead Others by coaching and empowering coworkers toward professional development; inspiring action with our energy and enthusiasm; building relationships throughout the company, at all levels, in all locations; and making smart decisions and taking accountability for our results.

  • We have the potential to Lead the Business by identifying opportunities to better serve our customers and exceed expectations; championing changes that help transform our business; sharing a vision of a future that others want to be part of; and finding innovative new ways to build revenue and grow our company.


We believe in taking care of our people, which is probably why we provide some of the best benefits in the business. What sets us apart is a desire to ensure that our workplace programs are designed to meet the needs of our diverse team and their families. We don’t believe in a “one for all” benefits package; across our businesses we provide a spectrum of options so that when you join, you can expect these benefits as standard:

  • health offerings to meet you and your family’s needs
  • paid vacation, personal, and sick time
  • maternity, paternity, and family care leave
  • pension plan and group RRSP
  • flexible work policies that help us balance personal and professional lives
  • aid for guidance on stress, health, and other confidential needs
  • stock purchase options which give staff the chance to own a stake in Pearson’s future
  • tuition assistance program
  • subsidized fitness program
  • employee referral bonus
  • service awards

Diversity and Inclusion

Pearson aims to keep diversity and inclusion at the heart of what we do. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that we are recognized within our industries as an employer of choice, with a firm focus and dedication to equality and inclusiveness. This commitment starts with our leaders. As we become more global in our outlook and operations, we want our workforce to reflect the world in which we work.

We celebrate diversity in all its dimensions; not only with respect to legally protected characteristics, but also through the individuality of thought, life experiences, and work styles provided by our employees. We know that Pearson is at its best when each person in the organization feels welcomed, respected, supported, and valued as a team member, and we continually strive to create an inclusive environment. We are delighted to have been named as one of the 2015 Best Places to work for LGBT Equality for the second year running.

We always seek the best candidates for a role without regard for race, gender, gender identity, age, physical ability, religion, or sexual orientation. We do not set specific numerical targets for recruitment or promotion of particular groups, but work to ensure that our pool of candidates is diverse.

Our values to be brave, imaginative, and decent, motivate us to welcome and respect difference. These values are rooted in the relationships we foster with our employees, customers, and suppliers. We are proud to have a workplace where diversity is valued.

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