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Pearson. We make learning our business.

Pearson Higher Education has been focused on student success for a long time. We believe all students can succeed in their coursework and their educational pursuits no matter how or where they learn. We understand that every student is different and learns differently. That's why we create content, learning tools, and services that give instructors the ease and flexibility to engage students with a learning experience that motivates and encourages success.

We know that when learning products and services are developed with care and expertise, and that when the student is at the center of the learning experience, success follows. At Pearson, our wide range of educational content and capabilities is the starting point for successful teaching and learning.

From award-winning textbooks delivered in print or on e-readers and mobile devices, to interactive learning experiences delivered in our MyLab/Mastering products, all of our programs are developed and nurtured in partnership with world-renowned authors, experts, and most importantly, the college faculty that bring our products to life.

And we can make it yours. We are a team of world-class education experts, instructional designers, curriculum development experts, education course writers, and development editors, and we tailor solutions to the needs of the students, faculty and institutions that we serve.

Our commitment to help every student achieve is not a slogan; it is an imperative. Last year, more than 8 million students learned from our online products alone. These products give instructors real-time data on student progress. And students can access the tools they need when they need them. Our content is trusted. Our innovations are real. And the support we provide to instructors and students alike is based on a simple premise: we are not successful unless our customers are successful.