About Us - Media Solutions [banner]

All of us at Pearson understand that the future begins now.

At Pearson Canada we believe the progress in information technology provides crucial opportunities to enrich and expand learning environments, extend and accelerate the delivery of quality material, and take customer and employee satisfaction to higher levels.

We provide the tools that empower educators, learners, and parents.

The Media Solutions group is pivotal in our commitment to produce and deliver instruction and information in accessible, timely, and effective forms. From interactive resources for students, educators, and parents, to ebooks and multimedia texts, to ecommerce and online distribution, we continue to develop innovative, productive venues for people to learn, work, and succeed.

There's more to learning than standard text.

Among the technological solutions we offer are interactive ebooks; electronic course management systems; videos for the classroom; multimedia CDs; online study guides and student media companions; resource-rich, dynamic websites; web-based research databases; and state-of-the-art electronic business and production systems.