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We're excited about our Core Foundations offerings for 2016. They provide diverse coverage in the disciplines of Business Math, Business Stats, Communication, English and Math and Stats.

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Business Communication Essentials, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4/e [cover]

Business Communication Essentials, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4/e Canadian Edition

ISBN and Copyright:
9780133948219 | © 2016
March 9, 2015

Business Communication Essentials introduces you to the fundamental principles of business communication and gives you the opportunity to develop your communication skills. You'll discover how business communication differs from personal and social communication, and you'll see how today's companies are using blogs, social networks, podcasts, virtual worlds, wikis, and other technologies.

Business Communication Essentials offers you the opportunity to practise communication skills that will help you get jobs and be promoted in today's workplace. The new fifth Canadian edition is student-friendly and features the most extensive end-of-chapter activities available, including questions, exercises, assignments, and cases.