The Fourth Edition of Mathews/van Holde, Biochemistry preserves the clear writing, strong physical chemistry background, and the use of the "Tools of Biochemistry" feature to underscore the experimental nature of biochemistry.

The new edition has been comprehensively and consistently updated to present the current developments in a rapidly evolving field.

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In author's words:

[In this new edition] we try to present biochemical concepts in terms of their experimental basis; biochemistry is not a collection of facts, structures, and reactions. Rather, it is a system of concepts, each arising from development and application of experimental design and instrumentation. Other major goals of this edition were to include presentation of the quantitative physico-chemical background of biochemistry, to present the current research to the greatest extent possible, while maintaining clarity of writing.

Christopher Mathews

I found it clear and readable, as if the author was sitting with a student and just talking. I have great respect for the authors’ ability to simplify without being simplistic and without misrepresenting how things work.

Dorothy Pocock, Concordia University