Norman/Wolczuk's An Introduction to Linear Algebra for Science and Engineering has been widely respected for its unique approach, which helps students understand and apply theory and concepts by combining theory with computations and slowly bringing students to the difficult abstract concepts. This approach includes an early treatment of vector spaces and complex topics in a simpler, geometric context. An Introduction to Linear Algebra for Science and Engineering promotes advanced thinking and understanding by encouraging students to make connections between previously learned and new concepts and demonstrates the importance of each topic through applications.

The highly anticipated second edition of this book will retain the student-friendly writing of the first edition while enhancing pedagogical features by including new mid-section exercises, new and expanded examples and end-of-chapter problems, and improved motivation behind each theorem. The second edition features a fresh two-colour design and a companion website for students that will include additional applications, resources, practice quizzes, and the first edition's "Essay on Linearity and Superposition in Physics."