Texidium simplifies the transition to eTextbooks

OTTAWAApril 8, 2015

New solution ensures full and complete access to course materials to improve outcomes for all learners.

Texidium, an end-to-end content delivery solution, makes life easier for university and college administration, faculty and students by simplifying and accelerating the transition to a comprehensive eTextbook (eText) program. Many educational institutions have struggled to embrace a digital eText program due to the complexity of developing an efficient and cost effective alternative that provides all students with access to all resources required. Texidium addresses these challenges.

A full service solution, Texidium was developed by Kivuto Solutions in collaboration with a group of established and respected stakeholders in education: Algonquin CollegePearson Canada and Nelson Education. 
An end-to-end solution enabling institutions to provide all students with access to eTexts and other digital resources required for each course on day one of the semester.

At Algonquin College, the shift to eText has shown early signs in helping increase both student learning outcomes and the institution's retention rate.

"Texidium's unique solution helps colleges and universities set up digital learning materials and other innovative online learning technologies quickly and simply," said James Reeve, Managing Director, Pearson Canada. "In turn, this allows faculty to focus on teaching and positions students for greater academic and career success."

The transition from traditional printed textbooks to eTexts is not only more cost effective; it guarantees student access to all course materials, on demand. It also provides for a lighter backpack and more organized solution for students.

For students growing up in the digital age, life, work and school, is interconnected. Learning inside and outside the classroom is connected through the use of tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices ensuring easy access to essential learning resources anywhere, and at any time.

Texidium creates a seamless, consistent and enhanced experience regardless of what device they use or where they are accessing content. It empowers students' use of course materials and online collaboration, leading to the building of essential skills and confidence in the drive toward graduation.

"Texidium offers the most comprehensive content delivery solution industry wide, offering administrators greater options as they transition their college or university to an interactive digital learning environment," says Jarrod Hann, Vice President of Academic Solutions, Nelson Education.

The platform has been adopted by Algonquin College, a leading institution in Canada, and its final implementation phase is set for the fall semester of 2015. "Algonquin College is excited to be engaged with the Texidium platform in order to provide our students with a single point of entry to all essential course resources," said Glenn MacDougall, Director, Learning and Teaching Services at Algonquin. He then added, "The interconnectedness and the comprehensive nature of the components have simplified and accelerated our transition to a digital college"

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For further information: Kelly Smyth, Vice President, Business Development, ksmyth@texidium.com, TEXIDIUM Inc.