Introducing Pearson People

Pearson Canada would like to acknowledge some of the terrific volunteer work that our employees are doing within their communities. This first installment of Pearson People is from Tanina and Ezio Lisi who both work in our Toronto offices.

Our family first got involved with volunteering at the Newmarket Food Pantry during a field trip with 'Scouts Canada' for our sons, Benjamin and Sebastian Lisi.

Our children took great pleasure in helping at the Pantry, so we thought we could participate in this activity as a family. As parents, we wanted to teach our children important values, such as giving back to their community.

We took the opportunity during school PA days, and through the holiday season, to volunteer at the Newmarket Food Pantry.

As we volunteered, we also saw the immediate benefits in learning for our children, as they offered their help.

The following are tasks they were involved in:

  • Searching for expiry dates on the food products
  • Reading the nutritional content, and warnings on labels, so products can be properly sorted
  • Organizing non perishable items and un-bagging deliveries
  • Stocking shelves
  • Measuring out tea bags, sugar, flour, oatmeal, cheese slices

With the many donations at the Pantry, the volunteers try to maximize the products so it may benefit multiple families where possible. Our children took great pride in knowing that they were helping other families in need.

Thank you Pearson, for supporting our community involvement!

The Lisi Family