Our Business

Whether it’s designing digital learning products for students, developing custom content and curriculum, building next-generation clinical assessments, or educating professionals through our professional development and workforce solutions, we help millions of Canadians improve their lives through learning.

Our Canadian business is organized around three key stages of learning (School, Higher Education, and Professional). With over 600 employees, we are active in every province. We proudly support the needs of English and French learners and work to help people of all ages make measurable progress in their lives through learning.

School (K–12)

Every day Pearson resources touch the lives of teachers and students in Canadian classrooms. Our research-based print and digital programs, assessment tools, platforms, and educational services are designed to help teachers make a lasting impact on learning for every child.

We are Canada’s leading educational provider, offering resources for all core curriculum subjects in K–12: Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religion, and French as a Second Language. We offer digital instructional solutions such as eTexts and Interactive Whiteboard lessons. We partner with districts to provide an unparalleled selection of technology solutions, including student information systems such as PowerSchool that address the challenges of achievement, reporting, growth, and scalability. The diversity of Canada’s students is a strength and we are committed to developing a full array of core curriculum, supplementary, assessment, professional, and early learning resources to help students of all ages learn at their own pace and in their own ways.

Pearson is also committed to helping teachers help students. We support Canadian teachers with state-of-the-art teacher’s guides, professional books, professional courses, and educational services from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Our authors and consultants are leading educators dedicated to advancing learning for all students. We support teachers’ efforts to continually refine their craft and to develop new levels of teaching expertise through our innovative and practical resources and professional learning opportunities.

The team at Pearson believes education is a shared responsibility. We reach out to parents, caregivers, and schools within the broader communities where we work and to which we have responsibilities — responsibilities we take very seriously. We commit to remain learner-driven in all the things we do: in the resources we develop, in the way we execute our business, in the services we provide, and in the relationships we build. That means developing all our people — authors, advisors, consultants, and team — to be innovative lifelong learners who make a positive difference in the lives of students.


Higher Education

In close partnership with colleges and universities, we aim to make higher education more effective, accessible, and affordable to a wide community of learners around the world by providing innovative products, services, and delivery models.

Over the past decade, we’ve worked closely with students and educators to track learning gains. We are proud of the products we make and also for the learning gains we help make possible. We are uniquely positioned to leverage, and continue to advance, dramatic improvements in college and career readiness. The use of data, analytics, and adaptive learning provides unprecedented insights into how students learn and online learning delivers cost-effective and flexible education to more students.

In Canada, our custom content and curriculum solutions offer educators the opportunity to tailor their programs to the needs of their students. We also offer workforce education products and flexible workforce development solutions to fill the growing skills gap and increased demand for quality certification prep training. College and career readiness is a K–20 issue, and it requires effective strategies employed in both K–12 and higher education. Our solutions here are designed to help institutions retain students and prepare them for success in college and beyond.

More than 11 million North American post-secondary students have used our learning technologies to pursue their studies. This growing trend provides an ocean of data and analytics to improve the performance of individual students. Our advanced capabilities in data, analytics, and adaptive learning — and our leading efficacy research — enable us to design a smarter learning path for every student.

The demand for online learning is steadily rising. In the autumn or fall of 2013, over 7.1 million higher education students in North America took at least one course online. Partnering with educators and institutions throughout Canada, we are helping to build and scale innovative online programs and develop engaging courses that exceed expectations.



Ever since the educational reform that marked the 1960s, Pearson ERPI (Éditions du Renouveau Pédagogique Inc.) has maintained a leading position among the publishing industry in Québec. Constantly seeking to evolve, we have become a prolific laboratory of educational innovation. Pearson ERPI continues to develop a broad spectrum of products that meet the needs of both teachers and learners, be it textbooks, literary works, digital learning platforms, or class management tools.

Pearson ERPI caters to all major educational sectors, from preschool to university. We offer materials that cover the main curricular disciplines, ranging from basic subjects, such as the French and English languages or mathematics, to more specialized ones, such as microbiology. Given the diversity of Pearson ERPI products, chances are that you have used one of them at some point in your life.

Of course, learning is not limited to the context of schooling. Indeed, we are all constantly learning. With that in mind, Pearson ERPI has developed solutions that are adapted to the context of continuing vocational training, namely in fields such as nursing, management, and teaching.



The English Language Teaching (Pearson ELT) division offers a wide array of language-learning and language-enhancement tools. That is why we are the leading English language publisher in Canada. We believe in the power of language learning; it not only improves lives, but also gives “a different vision of life.” In theory, we write English Language publications for students young and old. But in reality, we go far beyond publishing books. Combining print and digital platforms, we offer teachers the possibility to personalize and most of all enhance their students’ language learning experience.


Clinical Assessment

With more than 80 years of experience in the assessment field, Pearson’s Clinical Assessment group offers innovative and comprehensive products and services to meet our varied customers’ needs. We are proud of our leadership role in assessment and the continuous timeline of many innovations. Every day we concentrate on merging innovation with quality test design to develop increasingly more effective tools for children and adults, educators and clinicians.

Clinical Assessment’s internationally recognized products and services assist skilled professionals to improve lives. We have a comprehensive portfolio of research-based instruments that are valid, reliable, and represent the highest technical quality in assessments today. We are particularly noted for our gold-standard assessment contributions in cognitive/ability, memory, neuropsychology, behaviour, personality/psychopathology, achievement, and speech/language. Noted brands include the Wechsler and Kaufman families of products, MMPI, BASC, OLSAT, CELF, and PLS.

We currently serve approximately 35,000 customers in Canada with assessments for psychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and related professionals. Strict security is maintained for content of clinical products and customers must submit proof of qualification prior to purchase for many of our products.

Our customers are found in a variety of settings, including schools (preschool, K–12, university) and clinical settings (private practice, hospital/medical, corrections, clinics).



Pearson Canada is the premier distributor of authoritative and cutting-edge technical resources and training materials for today’s business and IT professionals. Our imprints include InformIT, Financial Times Press, New Riders, PeachPit, Que Publishing, and Sams Publishing. In addition, Pearson has corporate alliances with Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems, Sun, and IBM. Here are some of our focus areas and imprints:


    InformIT is the online presence of the Pearson family of information technology publishers and brands, which include Addison-Wesley Professional, Cisco Press, IBM Press, Pearson IT Certification, Prentice Hall Professional, Que, Sams, and VMware Press. Here IT professionals gain access to trusted and quality content and resources from the authors, creators, innovators, and leaders of technology.



    Cisco Press, a publishing alliance between Cisco Systems® and Pearson, is the only Cisco authorized book publisher of Cisco certification self-study and networking technology products, and Cisco Networking Academy materials.



    IBM Press is the official publisher for IBM professionals and academia. Our mission is to publish the highest quality content for the critical topics facing today’s business and technology students and professionals.



    Que Publishing has more than three decades of experience providing practical advice on computers and technology for the home, office, and business. Que has expanded its publishing program over the years to offer a suite of products and learning resources, including print books, eBooks, web, applications, video training and tutorials, and more.



    Pearson’s Teacher Education and Development Group is uniquely positioned to improve teaching effectiveness with content and services that shape teachers from their earliest undergraduate experiences up to and throughout their teaching careers.



    For over nine decades, NYIF has helped financial services companies and multinational corporations to learn and to lead. Through our parent company, Pearson, we have unrivalled access to the best financial intellectual capital in the world and have trained over 600,000 business professionals.


  • IT Certification

    Pearson IT Certification delivers learning formats ranging from books to online learning and practice services, network simulators, and video training, addressing the learning, preparation, and practice needs of a new generation of certification candidates.


  • Financial Times Press

    FT Press publishes high-quality books in the areas of Business, Finance and Investing, Science, Sales and Marketing, Social Media, Leadership, Management Strategy, and Human Resources. FT Press delivers need-to-know insights via original and condensed e-content.



    Adobe Press is a world leader in high-quality books for visual communicators and the official source of training materials for Adobe software, publishing instructional and inspirational books at all learning levels.



    New Riders specializes in the area of graphics and design, providing a forum for the leading voices in creative and information technologies. Its Voices That Matter is all about sharing unique visions, expertise, and inspiration.



    Peachpit publishes top-notch information on the latest in graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia, web design and development, digital video, and general computing.