Transforming Our Business

To seize what we believe is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform education, we have been transforming ourselves.

We are accelerating our investment from print to digital products and from education inputs (such as spending on pupils and class size) to services that demonstrate clear learning outcomes — what our products and services are helping people do and achieve that they couldn’t before.

In practice we are

Publicly committing to efficacy and improving learning outcomes
We will judge ourselves — and invite others to judge us — not by the products that we make, but by their impact on learners.

Putting the learner at the heart of everything we do
Our commitment to efficacy recognizes the fact that, while our customer is often a teacher, an institution, an education authority, or a parent, the real beneficiary of our work and of our customers’ work is always the learner.

Redirecting investment, more quickly, to our most promising opportunities
By spending much less on more traditional publishing activities as demand falls, we can invest much more in our biggest growth opportunities.

Running Pearson as one globally connected company
Our operations are now entirely focused on our global education strategy, rather than a collection of relatively stand-alone companies.

Measuring Success in Education

Our purpose as a company — and, ultimately, the true measure of our success — is whether we really do help to equip more people with the knowledge and skills they need to progress in their lives. We want Pearson’s customers to be confident that working with us will help them to achieve their long-term learning goals.

That's why, in November 2013, we announced a new commitment to report on learning outcomes across our entire range of products from 2018. At the same time we also published The Incomplete Guide to Delivering Learning Outcomes, to publicly share how we intend to do that and the actions we have already taken over the last two years to prepare our company to meet this unique challenge. We don’t, for one minute, believe we have all the answers and will continue to consult and share ideas with the global education community as we refine our approach.

You can visit our efficacy website to learn more — we welcome comments, feedback, and your support as we take our next steps.